The photos featured in this web page are, for the most part, my own. In no way can I be described as a professional photographer and, in fact, I'm not much of an amateur either. In the future, as I gain more experience, I plan to update the photos as often as possible with a higher quality of pictures.

     The Davis Mountains have been suffering through a prolonged and severe drought for the last eight years. Evidence of this drought can clearly be seen in the photos containing Gray Oaks that have turned brown, dropped their leaves and gone dormant due to the drought. I am happy to report that the drought has been ameliorated, if not completely broken, as the rains have returned to the region and the Gray Oaks are green once again. As of April 2004 the rains have been sufficient enough for the streams to begin flowing once again, indeed 2004 has turned out to be the wettest year in the Davis Mountains in over a quarter century and some regions of the mountains have registered a remarkable 50+ inches of rain.

     This web page is a labor of love on my part for a place that has come to have a special significance for me, this effort will be an on going and long term project. I have recently added pages and picture galleries to this site featuring the Big Bend & Guadalupe Mountains National Parks and hope soon to add material on the Big Bend Ranch State Park, and the Chinati Mountains State Natural Area as well. Texas has so much to celebrate, so much to offer, that it becomes difficult to single out a particular region, but out of all that Texas has to offer it is the Trans-Pecos that I have come to love the most. I hope you will enjoy the time spent viewing this site and please come again.


Paul Van Tine
Texas our Texas, All hail the mighty state!
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