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DMR Basin
The majority of the Davis Mountains Resort is located in a central basin surrounded by ridges and canyons of varying height and depth. Each region of the Resort has its own character and appearance. This gallery contains pictures of the central region of the resort and of some of the main public structures.
Limpia Canyon
Limpia Canyon is located on the western edge of the Resort. No place in the DMR is more like the region encompassed by the Nature Conservancy and its Davis Mountains Preserve. Limpia Canyon and its many side canyons are filled with Ponderosa pines and give the visitor the sensation of high altitude and of a mountain forest more reminiscant of New Mexico or Colorado.
Skyline Drive
Skyline Ridge is located at the extreme western edge of the Resort and is part of the Limpia Canyon complex. I have set this region aside in its own special gallery since it represents my own little corner of paradise on Earth. Skyline Ridge is some of the highest terrain located in the DMR and is situated on a portion of the Livermore highlands that extends into the Resort.
Paradise Ridge
The Nature Conservancy owns vast tracts of land inside the Davis Mountains Resort, most of the western edge of the resort is included in Conservancy property. This region extends from Paradise Mountain up to the ridge marking the northern boundry of Limpia Canyon. The views from this property are spectacular and the area is virtually identical in appearance and altitude to the Davis Mountains Preserve itself.
2004 in the DMR
2004 was a remarkable year for the Davis Mountains. Some parts of the mountains received in excess of 50" of rain, for the first time in many years the streams experienced heavy flow and occasional flooding.

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