Davis Mountains State Park

The Davis Mountains State Park is located 4 miles northwest of Fort Davis on Hwy 118. The original portion of the park was deeded to the Texas Parks and Wildlife department by a local family, the park has since been enlarged so that now it comprises the 2708.9 acres of today. The area south of Hwy 118 has been developed with campsites, restrooms, and 9 miles of hiking trails. The area north of Hwy 118 has been designated the Limpia Canyon Primitive Area and is a special use, fee required, area with some 10 miles of backcountry hiking trails and primitive camp sites. Major improvements to the park include a Texas State Park Store, an ampitheater, an interpretive center staffed by volunteers, and a scenic drive offering the visitor grand views of both the park and surrounding countryside. The interpretive center overlooks the wildlife watering station where scrub jays, white-wing doves, curve-billed thrashers, and rock squirrels can be seen.

At 5,000 to 6,000' in altitude the park has a mild summer climate with warm days and cool evenings that may require a jacket even in the middle of summer. The winters are mild and may include snowfall several times during the season. A mix of grasslands and forests can be found in the park. The most common trees are the emory and gray oaks along with one-seed Junipers, although pinon and ponderosa pines can be found as well. Scarlet bouvardia, little-leaf leadtree, trompillo, evergreen sumac, fragrant sumac, apache plum, little walnut, treecholla, torrey yucca, catclaw acacia, and agarito are common shrubs to be found in the park. Spring and late summer rains can fill the park with wildflowers and cactus blooms.

Nestled in the middle of the park can be found the Indian Lodge. Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the early 1930's, the lodge has some 39 rooms, a meeting room, swimming pool, and a park store. The lodge was built in a southwestern pueblo style with 18" adobe walls, hand carved cedar funiture, and ceilings of pine viga and latilla. Currently the old section of the Indian Lodge is undergoing renovation and will be closed from Labor Day 2004 and will not reopen for a year.

Conveniently located between Fort Davis and the McDonald Observatory the Davis Mountains State Park offers its visitors the perfect spot to camp or for an historic hotel stay. The park is a favorite stop over for the many who attend the yearly Texas Star Party located at the nearby Prude Ranch. For holidays and major events reservations are recommended.

Entrance to the Davis Mountains State Park
View of Indian Lodge from Skyline Drive
The Indian Lodge

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